The Monster in Your Bed

Brent Thomas


Monster - Where?

Hiding in plain sight is never easy. In fact, it takes a lot of skill… usually. But this monster isn’t very skilled. It prefers to just lay there, and can be just as deadly during the day as it is at night. Hiding under the covers can only help so much because this monster enjoys to follow you there.

Dirty Pillowcases

Every night, if left undisturbed, this monster grows stronger. But somehow, it still ends up in bed with you each night. This monster, of course, is your pillowcase. And every day your pillowcase goes unwashed/changed, the buildup of bacteria and facial oils grows from previous nights. This leads to breakouts, skin irritations, and even damaged hair.

And when so much time is spent washing our skin and hair each day, why then go lay our head in a pile of gunk and bacteria? It doesn’t add up.

Now, I know that doing laundry every single day is out of the question. Don’t even try to mention it to me. But there has to be an easier solution to avoiding a dirty pillowcase, right?

The Solution

Yes okay...right. Sleep Away is here to save you from the terrible monster that is your old pillowcase. Fight breakouts and damaged hair every night with a clean, bamboo sleeping surface. Plus our pillowcase's bamboo fabric helps wicks away moisture and oils, prevent split ends and bed head, and helps regulate overheating/cooling.

Quick and Easy to Change

With a patent-pending design, Sleep Away is easier to change than any other pillowcase. And when used in a set, Sleep Away allows you to have a clean sleeping surface each night.

Vist the Sleep Away Shop and browse our collection of amazing bamboo pillowcases. Super comfortably, and even easier to change than your normal pillowcase!

Image Source:Your Daily Dose

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