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The story behind Sleep Away Pillowcases

How it all started

The Sleep Away Pillowcase began with a goal of fighting acne and promoting better personal hygiene. We set out to break away from the trend of always using the same, dirty pillowcase, and designed a solution to make changing your bedding as easy as possible.

The Sleep Away product began to take shape as we were in college. As students, we saw and experienced all the problems of having a dirty pillowcase. As we can sometimes be embarressed to admit, college students are usually not the best at keeping their bedding clean. In an effort to always have a clean sleeping surface for our face every night, the pillowcase was designed with our own intentions in mind.

The end result was the Sleep Away Pillowcase, an innovative and comfortable pillowcase. All of this would not have been possible without our successful Kickstarter campaign. Again a huge thank you to those that backed and supported us in the beginning. We passed our proof of concept test and turned Sleep Away into a reality. Thank You.

The Sleep Away Pillowcase Mission

Our goal is to continue offering Sleep Away Pillowcases to our growing customer base. We plan to offer strong customer service and focus innovation on designing the best products.

Keep Calm, and Sleep Away On.

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