The Sleep Away Routine

Recommended Practices

Clean Sleep

While there are many uses for Sleep Away, this routine will be referring to clean skin and proper hair care.

The idea is simple: dermatologist recommend changing your pillowcase at least once a week to prevent the buildup of bacteria and onset of blemishes and potential infections. And with this in mind, we created Sleep Away: a softer & easier-to-change pillowcase with added, natural benefits from bamboo.

Sleep Away is best used freshly, each night, after a good face wash. We recommend to fold and stash your clean Sleep Aways in a nearby drawer and take one out for use each night. Roll it onto your pillow and voila!

You will have yourself a clean, comfy, and cool pillowcase. And all that’s left to do before tomorrow night is remove the used Sleep Away and throw it in the mesh washing bag ‘til laundry day.

The Routine

  1. Take out a clean Sleep Away
  2. Roll your pillow into the Sleep Away
  3. Enjoy a clean, comfy, and cool night’s sleep
  4. ut used Sleep Away in the mesh washing bag
  5. Repeat
*Sleep Away can either cover your current pillowcase or be a brilliant case all on its own.

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